We have worked on hundreds of websites over the years. Here are a few that we’ve worked on recently.


Lazer Designs


One of the larger and more complex sites in our portfolio, Lazer Designs has thousands of products. The key became creating as simple as possible navigation while keeping all products within a few clicks of the home page. In this case we kept the design features to a minimum so the products were center-stage.


Poipu Shopping Village

Poipu Shopping Village

As a tourist destination, this site required an attractive design as top priority. We used WordPress so updates are simple when merchant information changes. We did most of the photography and created a completely custom design that stands out against all other Kauai websites.


Basketfull Online Portfolio Thumb

Basketfull Online

The high end gift basket market in Manhattan is extremely competitive. This design needed to allow customers to quickly find the basket they want, and to quickly order it. A complete category list on the left, with large images on each category page, help customers navigate without having to read much of anything.


Poipu Kapili

Poipu Kapili Resort

Another tourist-focused site, Poipu Kapili uses WordPress and the Escapia reservation management system. Simplicity and content were the focus on this design.

PoipuKapili.com Demo Site

Merchant Tutorials Portfolio Thumb

Merchant Tutorials

Merchant Tutorials subscribers are business owners in a hurry. This site needed a simple explain-then-click-a-button feel, with a quick graphic showing the benefits of each subscription.


Rotary Club of Kauai Portfolio Thumb

Rotary Club of Kauai

The Rotary Club of Kauai had an outdated website that was difficult to update. This WordPress design is attractive, yet simple for members to update as needed.


Sunglasses Carnival Portfolio Thumb

Sunglass Carnival

This site was focused on discontinued sunglasses with one of each pair in stock. The client wanted it to be fun, quick and simple. If a customer bought two pairs, they’d get free shipping. So we designed a three step process that encouraged buying at least two pairs. If they added one pair to their cart, it would come up with a message saying, “add one more to get free shipping!” The site was also designed to be easy to update, as new sunglasses were coming in constantly.

Unfortunately, this site no longer exists, but we wanted to show it off because we love the design.